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Masonry maintains a good reputation.

a high standing among its competitors.

All aspects of Home Improvement and Construction.

All aspects of Home Improvement and Construction.


APS Masonry and Construction
APS Masonry and Construction

Exterior Stone Work


Interior Stone Work


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Shower Stone Work

What makes as the best

What makes us the best

APS Masonry and Construction maintains a good reputation and a high standing among its competitors.

They are hands-on, working directly with clients for a more personal working relationship, while maintaining cost conscience.

The outcome is quality work at an affordable price.

A firm commitment to excellence in work performance, business success and reputation let people know APS Masonry and Construction stands behind its work and is committed to customer satisfaction.

Architectural blocks are another attractive, virtually indestructible option.

What our clients say

Excellent work , I recommend him to anybody outstanding quality and craftsmanship. He was prompt and courteous and the workmanship was unmatched.


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Manufactured Brick and Stone

There is a third alternative to brick and stone which contains all of the above advantages at a lower cost.

Many times what appears to be stone or brick on a house is actually a lightweight concrete-manufactured stone veneer or cultured stone.

A mixture of Portland cement, natural aggregates  iron oxide pigments is poured into molds made from real stones.

The result, available in a broad palette of colors styles, looks incredibly realistic.

Architectural blocks are another attractive, virtually indestructible option.

These are essentially the same as conventional concrete blocks, except they resemble polished granite, look like hand-hewn stone or tile or have other decorative finishes.

Concrete block masonry is more common with industrial buildings.

It last 50 to 80 years you’ll need to fix the joints after 25 years.

Unlike brick, concrete blocks are not waterproof.

You’ll need to apply a water seal every 10 years.

The best water seals are silane and siloxane.

You can apply them by spray, they soak into the surface of the wall like stain.

Architectural blocks are another attractive, virtually indestructible option.

Installation of a new driveway is a major decision for any homeowner.

Here are factors to consider to determine if asphalt is right for your home.

Mounting a TV

Mounting a TV over a fireplace was not possible in 2000, but given the technological advancements and modern design trends over the last decade, a TV over the fireplace is quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception.

As is the case with any design trend, there are pros and cons. When you’re talking about heat and tech, you better believe drawbacks will come about. Nonetheless, there are two sides to every story.

After reading the pros and cons of mounting a TV over a fireplace below, you can determine if this hot design trend will hit your home next.

The ideal viewing experience puts the television at eye-level. Chances are, if you’re mounting your TV, this will not be possible. Nonetheless, the farther up your TV is, the bigger strain you are creating on your neck.

Think of it as sitting in the first three rows of a movie theater. No one sits there because of the poor view, but more so, due to the neck strain many of us get later on. It’s much more comfortable sitting higher up.

Brad Simpson, a Physical Therapist and Clinical Director at Life’s Work Physical Therapy, says staring at a raised screen for long periods of time can hinder the function of your neck. You lose the ability for your neck to stabilize he added.

As I will get to you next, due to its proximity to heat, a TV mounted above the fireplace needs separation.

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